Nine-Tenths of the Law by LA Witt | Review

Nine-Tenths of the Law by LA Witt had such a fun premise. Well, fun for me–not for poor Zach and Nathan. To find out they are dating the same guy came as quite the surprise.

Things started off with quite a bang–pun intended ;)–and then progressed from there. There were a few parts that were a bit slow and sometimes the chemistry between Zach and Nathan seemed a bit forced.

However, I enjoyed the development of their relationship and their trust. Because of the way they met, it’s an uphill battle especially for Nathan. He had been with Jake (the ex) for quite a while so he has a really hard time learning to trust again.

While not the strongest of characters, there were some bright spots and definite heat between the sheets in this one. Not a must-read for me, but fans of Witt’s work will no doubt enjoy Zach and Nathan’s story.

This review is based on a review copy.

Rating: ★★★1/2


Without trust, common ground can get pretty shaky…

“I believe you have something of mine, Zach.”

The stranger’s accusation throws Zach Owens for a loop. He’s never seen this man in his life, and he’s not prepared when he finds out what they have in common—their boyfriend, Jake.

Make that ex-boyfriend. With the jerk out of the picture, Zach hurries after the stranger to apologize… which quickly leads to some sizzling hot revenge sex.

Despite starting on the wrong foot, Nathan Forrester can’t get enough of the sexy movie theater owner. Still, he’s jaded and distrustful—especially when Jake keeps materializing in Zach’s presence despite Zach insisting that relationship is over.

With a devious ex-boyfriend trying to sabotage their fledgling relationship, Zach and Nathan need to learn to trust each other, or they’ll both wind up with nothing.

This 61,000 word novel was previously published, and has been revised to include an extended ending.

Release Date: March 14, 2017
Length: 250 pages
Purchase: Amazon (KU)


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