The Theory of Deviance (Portland Rebels #3) by Rebecca Grace Allen | Review

Reviewed by Kikithe theory of deviance rebecca grace allenThree’s usually company, except in the deliciously steamy menage, The Theory of Deviance, by Rebecca Grace Allen. It’s the third in her Portland Rebels series, but I read it as a standalone and it worked just fine that way.

I’m partial to MMFs but hardly ever find one as satisfying as this one. The characters–all three of them–were very well developed and full of delicious conflict. Despite instant attraction, things didn’t magically fall into place for these three. They had to work for it.

Mikey’s struggle to reconcile his bisexuality with his religious beliefs was really interesting to me. As someone else who grew up Catholic, I could definitely relate to some of the things he felt.

Mental illness was another prominent theme in The Theory of Deviance. The difficulties that Krissy faces while dealing with her illness are heartrendingly realistic.

My one real complaint with this book is that you don’t get Rafe’s POV. It alternates between Mikey and Krissy, so you really get to know these two better than Rafe. Though you do get to learn about him from two different perspectives–Krissy who has known him for years and Mikey who is just meeting him. So you do get to know him, just not quite as well as the other two.

The Theory of Deviance is a solid 4 star book with a bump up to 4.5 for the superb way Rebecca Grace Allen handled sensitive issues like mental illness and religious beliefs. While this is a fully realized story, you will want to read the short story follow-up, The Punishment Doctrine. Trust me. 😉

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★★1/2


Painful shyness isn’t the only reason Mikey Pelletier is a twenty-five-year-old virgin. Between working for his parents and volunteering at his church, he neither has the time nor the inclination to admit his bisexuality to the world—or to himself.

A visit from Krissy Porter will hopefully fix everything. After three months of chatting with her, Mikey’s got one carefully planned week to win her heart and lose his V-card. He’s hoping he can pull it off, even with her roommate along for the ride.

Krissy has been drawn to Mikey for a while. He’s so easygoing, she thinks he could be the calm in her storm. But there’s an extra complication when she comes to visit: her friend-with-benefits, “hetero-flexible” roommate, Rafe.

During a week of revelations, intimacy, and kink, Krissy and Rafe become the angel and devil on Mikey’s shoulders, tempting him in different directions. And all three of them discover that a week of pure deviance can lead to the most uncontrollable emotion of all: love.

Warning: This book contains innocent board game-playing that takes a sexy turn, use of recreational substances, back-door action, and some smokin’ hot threesomes. Plus, scenes of inner-demon slaying. Fans and tissues advised.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Length: 150 pages
Purchase: Amazon, Samhain, ARe

Ciao, darlings.


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