The 13th Hex (Hexworld #0.5) by Jordan L. Hawk | Review

Reviewed by Kiki

the 13th hex jordan l. hawkThe 13th Hex by Jordan L. Hawk is a spectacular beginning to her Hexworld series. I absolutely loved this short story.

Most short stories I read I end up feeling let down in the end. There either isn’t enough plot or the pacing is too fast. That is not the case for Ms. Hawk’s introduction to her Hexworld series. From beginning to end, The 13th Hex was engaging and wonderfully developed.

As an introduction to the series, it definitely does its job. You get to meet not only the MCs, Rook and Dominic, but Cicero too–one of the main characters in the first full-length novel, Hexbreaker. Plus, you get to see how Ms. Hawk’s world is different from our own. The mix of historical with paranormal creates this extraordinary alternate universe.

Where have historical AUs been my whole life? I enjoyed this aspect alone so much that it’s convinced me I’ve been missing out.

The relationship between witches and familiars was so interesting and I can’t wait to delve into that more in future books. The way they interact, bond, and the restrictions on unbonded familiars–all very, very interesting.

I just adored Rook and Dominic. Rook’s bravery and determination were as endearing as Dominic’s intelligence and insecurities. Dom didn’t think much of himself, but in reality he’s wonderful and Rook helps him see that.

I also loved the animal characterizations given to the familiars. Rook has bird-like behaviors and Cicero has cat-like ones. Oh, and the curse “fur and feathers” had me laughing. So cute.

The 13th Hex by Jordan L. Hawk was a lovely short story and a perfect introduction to the world of her Hexworld series. Rook and Dominic were captivating and sweet. I can’t wait to get more of this series.

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★


Romance. Magic. Murder.

Dominic Kopecky dreamed of becoming a member of New York’s Metropolitan Witch Police—a dream dashed when he failed the test for magical aptitude. Now he spends his days drawing the hexes the MWP relies on for their investigations.

But when a murder by patent hex brings crow familiar Rook to his desk, Dominic can’t resist the chance to experience magic. And as the heat grows between Dominic and Rook, so does the danger. Because the case has been declared closed—and someone is willing to kill to keep it that way.

The 13th Hex is the prequel short story to the all-new Hexworld series. If you like shifters, magic, and romance, you’ll love Jordan L. Hawk’s world of witch policemen and the familiars they bond with.

Publisher: Widdershins Press LLC
Release Date: April 5, 2016
Length: 53 pages
Purchase: Amazon, ARe

Ciao, darlings.


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