Temper: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story (Book 5) by R. Phoenix | Review

temper r. phoenixIt’s not surprising that as SOON as this book was released I HAD to read it. Temper by R. Phoenix did not disappoint. She weaved a beautifully dark story that seems to have targeted the Ravel fans and their insistence that Ravel was “sweet” and “romantical”. This is a continuation of Reese and Ashton’s story and it. Will. Blow. Your. Mind!

I knew authors secretly came up with ideas on how to squeeze every bit of agony from their readers. Pretty sure they bathe in our tears as well…just sayin’. R. Phoenix did just that. Her big middle finger directed at the readers who labeled Ravel book two of the Ripples in the Status Quo series as sweet and lighthearted was turned into another dark twisted addition. They did not go unscathed.

Reese is still stoic and exasperated by the annoyingly stubborn Ash. He argues repeatedly with Ash about getting the mark so he can protect Ash from the other Sups out there, but doe Ash listen? Oh no. Course not, cause did I mention Ash is a stubborn little sh*t? Well he REALLY is. Though Reese knows what can happen to Ash without the mark he still lets Ash continue to be stubborn until his worst fears are realized. Thanks to Ash’s stubbornness, Reese’s whole world is changed and now he has to do things he never thought he would EVER do. Way to go Ash. Jerk.

So I loved and adored Ashton in Ravel. He was snarky and sarcastic and stood his ground. He did do something supremely stupid but I was able to overlook it. However, in Temper, I cannot. Arguing about getting the mark with Reese was stupid. Refusing to get Reese’s mark on him was arrogant and incredibly dumb. I know that he felt like he would be losing his freedom but did he ever really even HAVE any freedom to begin with? Unfortunately, he learned his lesson the extremely hard way. And though I feel like I should feel sorry for him, I really have very little sympathy for an idiot who thought he didn’t need the mark.

So with this new installment of the Ripples in the Status Quo series there really was no way I couldn’t give this one a 5 star review. The world building is extraordinary, the characters are written so well you can’t help but to love them or despise them and with the addition of older characters being weaved into the book, it feels like everything in the RISQ world is coming together for some kind of epic blow up. I can not wait for the next book to see who is featured in the story and what R. Phoenix will delightfully put them through!

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★


Only one thing can keep Ashton safe from the supernatural predators who made the world into their depraved, twisted playground after the Takeover–but it’s the one thing that would steal the last remnants of his freedom. At every turn, society confronts Reese and Ashton with the way humans are treated as mere playthings to be used and discarded. When they realize their own desires and pride have no place in the status quo, Ashton and his werewolf lover understand they’ll have to engage in the deadly games played by those in charge if they want to make a difference.

But Reese isn’t a diplomat, and Ash is only human. Together, they must decide if they’re willing to work with the devil they know in what might change everything or rely on their consciences in a world that has no place for kindness or honor… and if they’re ready to sacrifice everything along the way. 

*Temper contains especially graphic scenes of sexual violence. Please heed this warning.*

Publisher: Phoenix Publications
Release Date: July 1, 2016
Length: 141 pages
Purchase: Amazon (KU)

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