Beach Night by Parker Avrile | Review

beach night parker avrileParker Avrile’s Beach Night was a fast paced novella with a thrilling story line. I really loved this world she built for us and the characters she created. There was a bit of mystery, and bit of suspense, and not to forget two hot guys who fall hard for each other.

Chris is an amazing character that Parker Avrile was able to make me adore within the space of 75 pages! Magic really. Chris has so much potential when it comes to his career. Security for a riverboat casino (who knew they existed?) he really could have gone farther but seemed content in the beginning to just stay where he was. Then he met Dillon and his thoughts shifted. There was a few times though that I felt he was too forgiving for some of the stuff that Dillon was doing and I wanted to smack him a bit for being such a pushover.

Dillon was charismatic and kind of a douche in the beginning. I felt like his character stretched a bit when it came to building him up. I would have liked a bit more details on him and build up in the story as a whole.

The world building was fantastic but I felt like a lot more could have been added to kinda draw out the relationship between the two. Also, Chris was way too forgiving for my taste. Lied to? Sure no problem, I forgive you. Called a rent-a-cop and other derogatory hits to his job? No problem, I’ll pout about it for a bit and then try and save you anyway. Honestly, it was still a great read and earned a 4.5 stars from me. If you are a fan of Parker’s like I am then you’ll love this novella. I adore anything Parker Avrile!

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★★★1/2


Three million dollars is up for grabs…

Nobody stumbles into this two-bit lakefront casino by accident. Chris knows there’s something hinky going on from the moment Dillon waltzes into the place wearing his form-fitting three-hundred-dollar jeans. Dillon’s blazing hot, but those magic fingers keep triggering the machines to spit out jackpots.

It’s Chris’s job to put guys like Dillon in prison. That’s the reason Chris needs to go undercover as a hookup who meets Dillon on a secluded beach.

Or at least Chris tells himself that’s the reason.

Publisher: Paris April Press
Release Date: June 23, 2016
Length: 75 pages
Purchase: Amazon, ARe

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