Wet Heat by R.D. Hero | Review

wet heat r.d. heroWet Heat by R.D. Hero was a fabulously suspenseful little short story. I really enjoyed this little world created by R.D. Hero. I haven’t read many books when it comes to Alpha, Beta, and Omega shifters but this was a darker version of that kind of world.

Lee was kind of a prick. At least at the beginning. Also a horndog. No lie. Dude was all about getting some at a club. Though as he got older his natural Omega pheromones to attract Alphas and Betas slowly dwindled causing him to seek out a synthetic pheromone. This is how he meets Cain, the scientist he lies to about being in a committed relationship in order to receive the free Wet Heat synthetic pheromone.

Cain is a stoic Alpha werewolf who hasn’t ever had the desire to claim a mate, but Lee makes him start to feel his instincts. Being taunted by Lee’s stories about his Wet Heat use with his committed partner makes Cain start to realize that he has feelings for Lee.

The two characters dance around each other a lot through this short, there are misunderstandings and at times Lee was a little TOO stubborn for me. I may have rolled my eyes at his dumbassery.

However, in the end I simply adored this book and was rooting for Cain to get his mate! 4.5 stars for a fantastic storyline, characters you really build a connection to and a twist that even though you had inklings about, you were left to discover the truth until the last possible minute. Highly recommend this book for a swift and engaging read!

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★★★1/2


Most omega werewolves want a mate and pups, but Lee Aung prefers an unconventional party-boy lifestyle. Yet at forty-two, he’s stopped going into heat, which means he’s expired goods—no longer a fertile, young omega that alpha wolves drool over. So Lee uses Wet Heat, a synthetic pheromone, to reel in the alpha hookups.

After losing his job at the bank, Lee can’t afford to keep up his Wet Heat habit. His solution: scam free samples by pretending to be a happily mated test subject at Wet Heat headquarters. There, Lee spends two years being interviewed by the reserved alpha scientist, Cain, who at thirty-two is unmated and—up until this point—content with that.

Cain never really felt his alpha instincts, nor took part in the usual alpha/beta/omega social dynamics. But after discovering that Lee has been lying about his unmated status for two years, Cain finally admits that for the first time, he wants to court an omega. Unfortunately, he’s picked the one omega who doesn’t want to be courted.

Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: June 20, 2016
Length: 107 pages
Purchase: Amazon, Riptide, ARe

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