How to Save a Life by Andria Large | Review

how to save a life andria largeHow To Save A Life by Andria Large was a fantastic read! The storyline was solid, the characters were well written and likeable. The best was the slow build up to the steamy hot scenes! Yeah, I don’t usually acknowledge the bowchickawowow scenes in a book, mostly because they never make me raise my eyebrows or really surprise me, but not this gem! Oh no, this one was sizzling!

Ezra has recently been widowed. Left behind by his wife with their 14 year old son, he struggles to move on. He doesn’t have to struggle so hard once he meets Ferris. Ezra’s character is consistent throughout the book, which I like, as he was in the closet, afraid to come out because of his family. But the way he handles all the situations thrown at him throughout the story are handled they way I would expect a closeted bisexual man to handle them. He was just a really great character with a strong devotion to his son and then to Ferris.

Ferris’s character was brilliant! He’s a lifeguard and a counselor for LGBTQ youth. I loved how seamlessly he seemed to become friends with both Ezra and Ezra’s son Spencer. He was a huge personality thrown into their lives and proved to be an amazing character by standing by them both through some pretty heavy family things. He also accepted help from Ezra and Spencer without any hesitation, which made me like him that much more.

The whole story was a great read! The characters made me smile, the storyline flowed beautifully, and even the supporting characters were fun to have thrown in the book and didn’t detract from the main storyline. I gave this one a 4.5 star rating, there was already a lot that happened, mountains they overcame but the final bit was a bit far-fetched in my opinion. Though it was beautifully written, it just seemed to come out of nowhere as a means to wrap everything up in a pretty package. I WILL be looking into more by Andria Large, because well, damn she can write!

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★★★1/2


How do you save someone’s life?

There’s the obvious way of physically saving them from a tragic end.

Then there’s the more subtle way of saving someone who doesn’t know they need to be saved. Someone who is drowning emotionally and has no idea that they are slowly dying.

Ezra Whitmore is one of those people. After tragically losing his wife, he’s still going through the motions, but not really living. All he has now is his son, Spencer, and his career as a dentist. The life he thought he was going to have has been torn apart. The things he had once enjoyed no longer feel the same without the person he had shared everything with.

That is, until Ferris Jenkins crashes into his life. Not only does the lifeguard save his son from literally drowning in the ocean, but he also slowly starts to bring Ezra back to life.

As soon as Ferris lays eyes on Ezra, he can’t get the gorgeous dentist out of his head. He knows nothing will ever happen between them because…well, Ezra is straight and he’s gay. You can imagine Ferris’ surprise when Ezra gets drunk one night, kisses him, and admits that he’s always been attracted to guys. This gives Ferris hope that maybe, just maybe, he can land the man of his dreams.

Release Date: May 24, 2016
Length: 266 pages
Purchase: Amazon

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