Always Another Side by Annabelle Jacobs | Review

Always Another Side Annabelle JacobsAlways Another Side by Annabelle Jacobs was a beautiful story about finding connections and accepting the other side of the story.

This book is a perfect read for a lazy Sunday, the pacing is slow but steady. There isn’t a lot of over-the-top drama or angst. It’s a book that could be about the couple that lives down the street from you–regular, ordinary, but precious in their love for one another.

Both Jack and Tyler have been hurt before their friends set them up on a blind date. Tyler has been repeatedly beat up in relationships and he just doesn’t know why no one wants to be with him. It’s heartbreaking. Then there’s Jack. His partner of fifteen years cheated on him and left him completely devastated for months.

I loved the slightly awkward way these two stumbled into a relationship. So often that’s what real life is like. People just tripping along and hoping for the best.

There were a couple of continuity issues and a few editing problems, but otherwise a really pleasant read. If you enjoy simple and easy, without big miscommunication issues, then you would probably enjoy this one.

Always Another Side may not be full of flashy angst or big, bad alphas, but it is still a solid book about two wonderful men. Life has knocked them both down, but they’re willing to give something with the potential to be beautiful a shot. Because, really, isn’t the chance at love worth it?

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★★★


Starting over at forty is hard work for landscape architect Jack Bowman. His long-term partner hurt him badly. With his self-esteem dented by the break up, trusting a new lover is going to take time.

Tyler Freeman is equally unlucky when it comes to love. Now that he’s over thirty-five, he’s tired of getting played. All he wants is someone special. How hard can it be to meet a man who’s honest, with no hidden surprises?

Being set up on a blind date might be a classic cliché, but it’s a stroke of good luck for Jack and Tyler. They have a lot in common, including previous relationships steeped in deceit, but it’s worth navigating their trust issues if it means laying those ghosts to rest.

Making it work finally seems possible—until an accidental discovery threatens their newfound happiness.

Release Date: June 3, 2016
Length: 167 pages
Purchase: Amazon (KU)

Ciao, darlings.


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