Unleashing Love by S.C. Wynne | Review

unleashing love s.c. wynneUnleashing Love by S.C. Wynne was a fantastic read! It was brilliantly written and had very little angst and just a touch of drama. The characters felt real and even the kid in the book was amusing and not over the top in “kid antics.” It was a refreshing change from some of the more drama ridden, suspenseful books I’ve been reading recently.

Kyle is an amazingly strong character. He starts off seeming like a snooty jerk, but naturally changes into a caring, kind man. It makes a reader believe that he was really the nice guy, and the jerkiness was a facade. His developing relationship with his nephew felt natural, he didn’t automatically become an awesome uncle in a few short days. It grew from hard work and time spent with the kid. I really appreciated this so, so much!

Then there was Drew. The story, being told only through his eyes, was surprisingly enjoyable. Usually, I prefer dual POVs in books to get inside both MCs’ heads. Drew was an incredible opposite of Kyle. Admittedly, he was the same as Kyle at one point, stuck up and stuck on a rat race through life, but when he lost his lover he made drastic changes. I think what I like most about Drew was his ability to step outside his comfort zone, even if he had to push himself. It made him immensely likable and I was rooting for his and Kyle’s relationship from the very beginning!

I loved how there was no huge drama brought into this book. There were a few misunderstandings and a few fights, but given the history of the two MCs it all seemed like a normal progression and reaction to what they had thrown at them. There was nothing far-fetched in this touching story about coming to terms with losing someone you love. I really look forward to reading more from S.C. Wynne and hope to give her more 5 stars! If all her books are this enthralling then I bet the 5 stars will be raining down on her from me!

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★


Second Chances. Temptation. Hope.

Depressed and at a crossroads following the death of his boyfriend, Drew Lawson dropped out of the cutthroat corporate world and started his own dog walking business.

Pups and Leashes is off to a running start when Drew meets Kyle Bradley. Rich and successful, Kyle is everything Drew rejected after Steven’s death. But suddenly saddled with his five-year old nephew as well as a rambunctious new puppy, Kyle is floundering. And Drew can’t resist coming to the rescue.

Before long, friendship turns to passion, but Drew is still guilty over Steven’s death and afraid to embark on a relationship with someone who comes from the shallow world he rejected and left behind.

Publisher: Wynne Wynne Publishing
Release Date: May 26, 2016
Length: 199 pages
Purchase: Amazon, ARe, B&N

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