Island Doctor (Island Medics 1) by Sue Brown | Review

island doctor by sue brownAs my first Sue Brown book, I found Island Doctor to be a sweet story with lots of interesting characters. It’s the first in the Island Medics series, which is a spin-off of her Isle series.

I haven’t read Sue’s Isle series but I just might check it out after reading this book. Many (if not all) of the couples from that series make appearances in this book and I really liked all of them. Especially Liam, he was such a sweetheart and so damaged. I’d definitely like to learn more about him.

Some of the lingo in this one gave me pause. Set on the Isle of Wight off the coast of England, there was some colloquialisms that I didn’t always understand. ‘Taking the piss’ is apparently some sort of euphemism for joking around. I think. It was a bit confusing.

Once I got into the swing of things, I was able to go with the flow though. Biscuits=cookies. Surgery=doctor’s office. Easy-peasy.

I have some mixed feelings about this book. Jeff was in a seriously long-term relationship with Tris (douche) before that abruptly ended. Within days Cameron was making his move on Jeff. It seemed very rushed.

I don’t require a slow burn in a book, but Jeff and Cameron’s romance was extremely fast. I almost felt like Jeff latched onto Cameron more because he didn’t have any friends on the island than because he really cared for Cameron. At least at first.

Plus, it was a little creepy how possessive Cameron was of Jeff so quickly. That level of intensity was very off-putting to me. Some of the things he said were sweet but then he would switch over to fervent.

I wish there would have been more of a build up with dates and getting to know each other. How do you go from a decade-long relationship to a brand new one in less than a week? That’s not enough time to process things.

I also wasn’t overly impressed with the way Cameron reacted when things hit a bump in the road. He takes everything to the extreme. And Jeff just…allows it. He really needed to grow a spine for most of the book.

The people of the island provided a hilarious background cast. From parents who thought there kids had mad cow to pushy office managers who liked to get into other peoples’ business. Having such interesting secondary and background characters added nice depth to the story.

Jeff is sweet and shy while Cameron is brash and earnest. While I’m not super fond of some aspects of the book, I did like how Jeff and Cameron took care of one another. For a doctor, Jeff has a terrible diet and Cameron is so adorable about feeding him.

Island Doctor was a good book with great characters. Overall, I liked it and will be looking for the next book in the series.

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★★


Dr. Jeff Martin has spent five years as a rural general practitioner on the Isle of Wight, hiding the fact he’s gay. He travels in secret to see his partner, Tris, but when he discovers Tris has been cheating on him, he ends their relationship. Then Jeff meets island native Cameron Gillard. Cameron is down-to-earth, lively, and treats Jeff like he’s the most important person in his life. Jeff blooms under Cameron’s attention, and he decides to come out to his colleagues and friends.

Just when things are going well, Tris reappears out of the blue. Jeff is no longer interested in Tris, but it seems he has two men to convince. Tris, who can’t believe Jeff is serious about wanting to end their relationship, and Cameron, who can’t hide his jealousy of Tris.

Jeff is certain about one thing—the only man he wants in his life is Cameron. Now he just needs to prove it to him.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: January 11, 2016
Length: 239 pages
Purchase: Dreamspinner, Amazon, ARe

Ciao, darlings.


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