Mate of the Tyger Prince by Shannon West | Review

MateoftheTygerPrince - WestMate of the Tyger Prince by Shannon West was so interesting and it totally captivated me! I honestly couldn’t put it down and ended up reading into the wee hours of the mornings. This is the first in the series and I’m pretty darn psyched to read some more.

I don’t read a lot of sci-fi because there’s usually so much going on I get distracted from the storyline. I’m like a kid with ADHD who can’t help but stop and point at weird and/or shiny things. However, this one just sounded too intriguing to pass up. Space-traveling tiger shifters? Whaaaat? Sign me up!

Anyway, so I obviously loved it. Mikos was so dreamy and Ryan was deliciously sassy.

What really sold me on this book was the fact that mpreg was explained. Most of the time, the author doesn’t bother to explain just how a male body supports a pregnancy and the reader is just forced to accept it as creative license. Shannon broke it down and explained the “science” behind it. Even though it’s obviously not real science, that doesn’t matter, I just love that she took the time to come up with a believable reason and bothered to lay it out for her readers.


I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read this little passage:

ARes was the name of a quasi-military terrorist organization who wanted to see the war continue. The name was a kind of acronym, supposedly standing for Alliance Resistance, but Ryan thought it was an excuse for war criminals to profit off the immense suffering that would take place if the war continued. The problem was that many of the members were in control of banks and the media, not to mention some highly placed government officials. They funded both sides of the war for their own benefit, and manufactured the consent of a large section of the public through propaganda.

It isn’t often that I read something in a romance novel that so clearly reflects a large issue in today’s society that most people ignore. I read that passage and immediately thought “yup, that sounds familiar.”

Alright, I’ll jump down off my soapbox now.

The chemistry between these two was hot, hot, hot. I was fanning myself during most of the sex scenes. As sweet and loving as Mikos was, there was a primal undertone to everything he did (including the sexy times) that reminded you that he wasn’t one hundred percent human.

This book is also one of the few exceptions to my dislike of instalove, because it actually makes sense with the plot. I guess that’s a fringe benefit of it being a sci-fi book–when some of the characters aren’t human than the rules get to go out the window!

With strong, extremely likeable characters and a plot that keeps you on your toes, Mate of the Tyger Prince had me finishing at four in the morning and begging for more.

Copy provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rating: ★★★★1/2


Diplomatic marriages between two members of different planets certainly aren’t unheard of—but for Prince Mikos of Tygeria and Col. Ryan Donnelly of Earth, it might just be a fate worse than death. The union is meant to end a devastating war that has lasted for over a hundred and fifty years, but when the female bride intended for the fierce, sexy prince runs away, her handsome brother is substituted instead. Men are for mating as far as the Tygerian prince is concerned, but the colonel also happens to be Mikos’s sworn enemy, not to mention being completely irritating.

Ryan is horrified to learn that the Tygerians not only expect him to take the place of his sister, marry the Bloody Prince of Tygeria, and go to live with him on his mysterious planet, but they also expect him to undergo physical alteration to have the man’s baby! And nobody is taking hell no for an answer. Ryan’s being asked to turn his whole life upside down and the handsome Tygerian gets under his skin like nobody else. But with the fate of the universe at stake, how can he say no? Can the two enemies put aside their differences and focus on making love and not war—not to mention a baby? As a powerful love struggles to take root, can they learn to trust each other and stand together against the forces that are trying to tear them apart?

Release Date: January 19, 2016
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Length: 303 pages
Purchase: Amazon

Ciao, darlings.

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